Top Must Watch Movies for every Property Lawyer

Property Lawyers by profession are a much harried lot and have to be on their toes every minute of their official lives. This is one reason why they need to spend quality time away from it all with friends and family. Going on vacation, watching sports or movies are some of the options with them to recharge their batteries and come back to work with a vengeance. So far as movies are concerned, there are two routes that can be taken by them. The first one is to opt for those that have themes that are far removed from the type of work done by them. The second is to watch movies that in some way or the other are related to what they are best at – dealing in commercial or residential property.

What are the movies then that should be a must watch for a property lawyer in Melbourne or anywhere else for that matter that are basically career oriented?

“The Big Short”

It is a story about a financial meltdown from the perspective of investors who are betting against the residential and housing market. The story is based on the book by Michael Lewis of the same name and stars Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt. The movie goes into the intricacies of the financial marketplace bets and credit default swaps on real estate transactions and mismanagement that can have serious economic repercussions around the world. A gripping story on what investors come up with to get short positions in the residential property market. Guaranteed to keep property lawyers on the edge of their seats!


One of the finest movies in the annals of film history, Chinatown, according to Paul Rohrer of Leob & Leob LLP is “a twisted creation story of Los Angeles centering on real estate, water, power and corruption”. Starring one of Hollywood’s greatest pairs Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway and directed by no other than Roman Polanski, it is a tale of how the desert city of Los Angeles gets its water and the early 20th century political controversy over the utility. Ultimately, the city built an aqueduct to bring in water from the Owens Valley and won the so-called California Water Wars. Property lawyers will find the plot over utility and real estate particularly intriguing. The film made in 1974 received a shot in the arm in 1991 when the Library of Congress added Chinatown to its National Film Registry.

“The Paper Chase”

While not exactly about property law, the movie has been added to this list simply because it is an intense and brooding film on the dynamic relationship between a law professor and student and is bound to take present day legal luminaries a step back to their past. John Houseman’s award winning performance as Professor Kingsfield is worth watching. His role brings out the essence of the typical Arch villain type professor which every law school in the country has one if not more. The story is an accurate rendering of what law school final really is. A must watch for lawyers and law students any time!

There are many other movies that have been made to tickle the sense buds of property lawyers. Make a search of the titles and enjoy watching them.

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