The Role Played by Movie Critics & Movie Ratings

Movie critics and movie ratings offer an assessment of the films. The reviews given by them can appear in newspapers, broadcast media and online as well. Sometimes movie critics have a professional background in the field for which they pass judgement. For example, some have worked as a screenwriter before becoming a professional film critic.

In this article, we will discuss the role played by movie critics and the ratings provided by them.

People when trying to decide whether to see that particular film or not, always look for movie ratings and description of what they are likely to experience. A film review incorporates a layout of the movie plot and a list of on-screen characters, as well as the evaluation of the movie. Critics must be skilled at portraying words to create an intensity for what the patrons will experience as well as give an opinion. A reputed firm that provides labour hire in Melbourne can be contacted for hiring such skilled writers who deliver unbiased movie reviews.

Critics are expected to have an opinion. Individuals check movie reviews and then decide if they want to invest their time to watch the movie and buy tickets. Critics power changes according to the professional reputation and the reliability of the platform they represent. Sometimes analysts use rating framework such as four stars or thumbs up. The opinion of critics greatly influences how much money a film can make at the box office and will it be a blockbuster or not.

Critics are also scholars who can give cultural and historical perspective for the work they review. A writer who critiques the film version of a novel should have read the novel and have knowledge of the stage musical version if any of the story. An experienced critic should also be able to draw a comparison between similar works.

The review provided by the critic should be entertaining. The experience and knowledge of a critic mean little if no one reads or listens to it. Many of the best movie critics and theatre critics are known for their stylish writing, wit and snark.  Movie critics should be able to write well-informed, emotionally gripping reviews. The writing style of the reviewer should be such that it engages and excites the readers.

However, the role of movie critics has been vastly altered over the past 20 years. The arrival of the internet, the decline of traditional print media, the continued rise of the critic-proof blockbuster and the accumulation of reviews by various websites have all changed the field. These days friends recommendations on social media play a major role in directing audiences towards a film.

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