Must Watch Technology Related Movies

Why do people watch technology related movies that are more often than not based on fantasies and events that might never take place on Planet Earth? It is because there is always an inherent curiosity in human beings to know what can taken place beyond their mundane daily life and go to a “what if this happened” situation. This is exactly what technology related movies have to offer – a world that borders on the impossible and hard to believe events but still manages to catch the attention of the movie-goer because it sets off a spark of excitement that is usually missing in everyday lives. Further, there is often a motivation to take a back-seat view of the world passing by and weave into it thoughts and pictures that can radically change lives if they ever became a reality.
Here is a list of movies, recent and past that have created a storm with their futuristic look and mentally stimulating themes –
War Games (1983) – It is an all-time classic starring Mathew Broderick as a hacker. By chance he accesses the WOPR or War Operation Plan Response which is actually a United States military supercomputer. This has been programmed to run the scenarios of what can happen in case of an outbreak of nuclear war. Mathew inadvertently hacks into system and thinking that it is in reality a computer game runs a programme that nearly starts another World War but this time with more serious repercussions. It won an Oscar nomination for great cinematography.
Primer (2004) – It is a tech thriller but not for the common audience looking for some instant thrills. The movie was made by engineers on a shoestring budget of $7000 with engineers in mind as the audience. The film has a simple plot. Two small time hardware engineers work closely in a garage and their project is about an invention that will cause ripples the world over. No, it is not as simple as say, devising Melbourne home security alarm systems. It is more complex and earth shattering. The film has an intricate plot and must be followed very closely if the real import of the high-tech plot has to come through.
El Machina (2015) – It is a beautifully made movie on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Though this theme has been used repeatedly by film makers, El Machina goes deeper and explores a fundamental anxiety in all people – does the other person really like talking to you or is he/she faking it. El Machina warns you to be careful what you tell your computer to do. For example if you search for security agency the reaction might not be as simple as browsing the web and getting an answer. It goes beyond the line about what makes intelligence “artificial” or “real”. The film has been shot in a remote hotel in Norway and this adds to the visual splendour of the movie.
Noah – It is a short film and deals with how today’s youth reacts through social media. The whole movie is in the form of a screen-cast. In the very beginning a high school student Noah opens his laptop and thereafter entire movie runs on the computer and phone screen. The movie analyses how Noah is engrossed in social media and how his relationship with his girlfriend falls apart on the social media platform. An enthralling movie with many twists and turns with a plot that many people face in their real lives.
This is just a sample of the all-time favourites. For addicts of hi-tech based movies the list of such movies is almost limitless.

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