How Actors Get Rid of Hairs for their Movies

Before going into details of how actors remove their body hair, it will be relevant to know why they do so at all.

Take the case of male actors. More often than not in movies, they have to bring about the macho look with 6 pack abs screaming for attention or rippling muscles below the shirt or without it. Hair on the chest or back in these cases will be a distinct disadvantage, concealing more than what is necessary. Further, it is easier to apply makeup on a body sans hair than one with it.

Hair Removal for Actors

There is another reason and that is of cleanliness and hygiene. Male actors and sometimes their body doubles too have to take part in fight scenes. The rough and tumble of such shots often leads to minor scratches and cuts which is easier to treat if the area is without hair and dirt and dust does not get stuck there. The healing process is also quicker.

For actresses, hair removal is equally important, more so if they have to wear short dresses or tops in movies to add to the glamour quotient. Smooth legs and hairless armpits and facial appearance are almost mandatory for actresses not to talk of a clean bikini line. Women in general whether in movies or not generally follow these aspects but it is all the more necessary for actresses as they are continuously in public view and need to maintain their looks round the clock.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the point now is how do actors get rid of their body hair? Traditionally they have resorted to shaving, waxing, using depilatory creams and epilators – methods that were at best temporary in nature. Busy actors and actresses had to make hair removal a part of their daily routine, spending valuable time that could be better utilised resting or reading scripts.

Today of course, hair removal techniques have undergone a sea change from what is was a decade back and actors take help of the latest methods to get rid of body hair for their movies. Professional laser hair removal machines ensure permanent hair removal with the process being painless and without any side effects. More crucially, treatments are fast and effective with one session of facial hair removal taking less than half an hour and full back hair removal being completed in under an hour. What is important for busy actors is that they can get back to work almost immediately after.

Laser and IPL based hair removal machines run on the latest advanced and cutting edge technologies that are safe and very effective without any side effects. Beams of light from a handset are directed at the area under treatment. These enter the top layer of the skin and target melanin situated at the root of the hair follicle. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its colour. The darker the melanin pigment the more effectively will it absorb the light beams which then turns to heat energy destroying the pigment along with the hair.

However, this is not a one-off treatment and actors have to go through a number of sessions for total and complete permanent hair removal. This is because laser treatments work best on growing hair only and sessions have to be carried out for the full growth cycle of the hair.

Laser machines can be used to treat hair of any colour and texture and skin types. This is one reason why actors and actresses prefer this form of procedure to remove body hair for their movies.

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