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All people love to watch movies from time to time and it is a way to relax from daily activities. Movies also allow us to experience a life that we may never really get to experience such as gliding through the sky watching the beautiful scenery, zooming on the road in fast cars, fighting, jumping through building easily and a lot more. We also get to gain knowledge through various movies on aspects of environment, science and technology. Whatever, the case may be, when people decide to watch a movie, they always look for movie ratings and description of what they are likely to experience. This is when Confused Matthew into the scene.

We also know that people who love movies love travelling, good food, cool clothes and keeping up with the craziest and weirdest trends and popular culture. From cult classics to new blockbusters, comic, Sci-Fi, action, fiction, horror, heroic, drama and documentary, from latest TV shows to comic books, from barbeque to brewpub, you will find everything here at Confused Matthew.

We explore the movie industry in a way that nobody does offering you latest movie ratings, movie reviews, celebrity news, game culture, travelling and shopping ideas, recommending products, destinations and cultural events to our readers.

Confused Matthew also covers topics on design, pop culture, technology, covering literature, films, theatre and fine arts. So, whether you are looking for movie reviews and rating or a little inspiration and gossip or simply scroll past imagery to get your creative juices flowing, there is something for everyone here at Confused Matthew.